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Green Smoothie
The TM3 Green Smoothie is a synergistic formula of concentrated alkaline supergreens, superfruits, and nutrient-dense vegetable powders. A valuable source of naturally occurring phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it helps boost energy, assist with mineral replenishment, provide optimal support for the body, and help the body to maintain a healthy pH balance.  This makes a great mix with the Cake Batter Meal Replacement Shake too!


No one enjoys 2 PM. Your Tummy is full and you just want a nap. Tm3 Unitedís Focus is the answer to power through. Highlights: Supports better afternoon mood* Remember Quicker* Increased Mental Energy* May help offset the effects of your aging brain* Be the know-it-all you always wanted!

Sports Performance Drinks
PR3-WORKOUT is fantastic to drink 15 minutes before physical activity to increase O2 to brain and muscles, boost energy and mental focus, support muscle recovery, and decrease post-workout soreness.

HYDRAT3 helps replenish vital electrolytes lost during physical stress without artificial flavors and colors or high doses of sugar like the regular brands. Improve fluid balance, optimize pH, restore nerve transmission, and experience lasting energy with HYDRAT3's carefully selected hydrating blend.

EN3RGY is for anyone who wants to increase mental vigor, clarity, and focus at any time of day no matter the task at hand. Whether you need to concentrate on physically demanding activities or mentally straining desk work - EN3RGY can help clear the fog and keep you on task. And as an added bonus; reap the benefits of enhanced protection from free-radical damage with EN3RGY's antioxidant aspects!

Meal Replacement Shake
TM3 United Complete Whole Food Nutritional Shake

This super-concentrated whole food blend contains a variety of nutrients sourced from around the world.  It contains a proprietary blend of the world's most Phytonutrient-rich berries and energy-boosting concentrated super greens.

It is fortified with natural occuring Prebiotics and Probiotics for healthy immune fuction and over 72 real food-based trace minerals for healthy pH balance.  And it is delicious!!!  This makes a great mix with the Green Smoothie drink too!