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If you are new and not seen TM3 yet, click the flip chart presentation below for a short overview and see what all the excitement is about with this brand new purpose driven nutrition company. If you are already on board, here are some resources and contact information to use.  Feel free to reach out to Bethany or myself (Kevin) any time.

Online Flip Chart Presentation HERE This is a short 7 pages that explains our companies philosophy, products, compensation, timing, etc.

Our teams Facebook Group HERE  Inspirational posts, corporate posts, team member posts, product videos, contests, etc.

Our teams YouTube Channel HERE coming soon

We use Zoom for local and long distance video chats and presentations.  Give us a call at 417-257-7799 and we can schedule a Zoom presentation for anyone you would like to show this business to whether they are with you or on another computer.  We can all jump on and share!

Corporate website:

TM3 corporate Facebook Page HERE

We use Vistaprint for business cards, flyers, magnets, shirts, etc


TM3 United is based on these founding principles. We believe there is a TRUE MEANING (TM) of LIFE. The TRUE MEANING of LIFE is to live with PURPOSE. The PURPOSE of living your best life. We know that when you live with PURPOSE you are in the best position to help other people live their best life. The 3 stands for Faith First, Others Second, and I am third. Pure Beginnings was formed with the same goals as TM3 United. A new beginning being a new purpose for life and service to others.

We live with PURPOSE when you put your FAITH first, OTHERS second and your YOURSELF third.  I AM THIRD takes on a new meaning. The 3 in TM3 is based on these three principles, If you put your FAITH first and strive to live the promises and covenants you have made, then your desire falls to serving your fellowmen, helping them achieve their PURPOSE. When OTHERS achieve their purpose then YOUR PURPOSE falls into place. Wisdom teaches the best way to get where you want to go is to help others get where they want to go! Of course, all three of these beliefs are intertwined in eternal principles and teaching.  If you are not taking care of yourself, you cannot help others and faith dwindles. All three principles are critical to success and TRUST.

2018 at Daren's Desk, 2019 event, 2017 Branson MO event and 2012 Springfield MO where we first met. We have personally known Daren for over a decade and can attest to his caring for others and dedication to building a solid company. He lives by the lessons he teaches.