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Our Compensation Plan

If you find a great product at the store and tell your friends and family about it, does that store reward you with free products or pay
you for the referral? NO.  This is where we are different.  We want to reward you for sharing great products with others.

When you join TM3 and use the Subscribe and Save on any product, you receive your own website to share with others and a back
office where you can order products,  learn about products, track orders, track statistics, and so much more.  Who does not want
free product?  Below are a few examples of how sharing this with others can help you get discounted and free product credit.

Example Personal Sponsored Group Volume Product Credit 25% of
Personally Sponsored Volume

Example 1

100 100 $25
Example 2 300 350 $75
Example 3 280 450 $79
Example 4 450 525 $112.50

Should you decide to treat this as a business, the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve.  Below are examples of the ranks and
incomes that are possible per pay period.

Why TM3 United


Commission Rank Up Bonus
Solid leadership

The products work

No membership fees

Work from home

Low overhead

No buy in packages

Business is transferable

Team Leader $100 $0
Supervisor $275 $0
Manager $525 $0
Sr.Manager $850 $0
Director $1,200 $500
Senior Director $1,550 $750
Exec. Director $2,250 $1,000
Vice President $4,200 $3,750 X2
Sr Vice President $6,875 $6,250 X2
Pres Board Member $10,125 $8,333 X3
Chairman $19,875 $12,500 X 4
Exec Chairman $39,000 $15,000 X5
Crown Ambassador $62,500 $25,000 X10
Crown Diamond $120,000 $100,000 X10


In addition there is a 3% global pool shared among boardroom ranks and other exciting opportunities.  TM3 business positions are
inheritable too.  They can be passed on to your relatives.  TM3 could be your answer to creating generational wealth.

*Above projections based on current industry data. Individual results will vary.