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cr123 cr123a dl123a k123a el123ap vl123 sf123a lithium battery photo electronic device cr123a cr123a cr123a cr123a sanyo cr123a sf123a 3 volt lithium battery rechargeable CR123A RCR-123A lithium ion Ademco home security alarm systems security system batteries alarm battery CR123A breathing device battery cr123a alarm battery welch allyn battery cr123A flashlight battery

CR123A CR123A CR123A Batteries CR123

Lithium CR123 CR123A Battery

Made in the USA

The Blue Battery Station CR123A which has been around since 2005 is being replaced with the Panasonic label product. It is the same battery at a lower cost.

Call for Law or Military

CR123A CR123A CR123A CR123A
CR123A CR123A CR123A CR123A
CR123A CR123A CR123A CR123A

Case of 800 CR123A batteries for $1200.00 Please call for larger quantity needs.   
That is $1.50 per battery!!!
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This is our ever so popular, inexpensive, high quality replacement for other CR123A and CR123 batteries
proudly made in the USA

This battery is popular in cameras, game counters, photo equipment, medical equipment, tactical flashlights, home security systems, etc.  Same as 2/3A in alarms too.
It replaces or substitutes for the following:
CR123 CR123 CR123 CR123
DL123A DL123A DL123A DL123A
CR123A CR123A CR123A CR123A
K123A K123A K123A K123A
EL123A EL123A EL123A EL123A
VL123 VL123 VL123 VL123
SF123A SF123A SF123A SF123A
CR17345 CR17345 CR17345
23-155 23-155 23-155 23-155

1500mAh capacity
Panasonic CR123A   $2.00
USA MADE Add to Cart

For quantity orders,
please order in multiples of 10.

Pack Special
(save an additional 10% on 2 or more 50 packs)

Box of 50 ($1.75) $87.50
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Panasonic CR123A   $2.00 each
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Rayovac RL123A     $2.00 each
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Energizer EL123A     $2.50 each
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Surefire SF123A     $2.00 each
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Bulk Special

Large Volume Discounts
Law Enforcement, Military, and OEM orders welcome.  Cases of 800 CR123A batteries have further discounts .
Email Kevin at
NSN# 6135-01-351-1131


Otter 1000 case and 20 of our CR123A batteries.
Case colors:  Yellow, tan, burgundy,  or gray.

Part # OC-1000-123      $45.00
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Energizer Batteries


Otter 2000 case and 20 of our CR123A batteries.
Case colors:  Yellow, blue, burgundy, tan, gray,
or black.

Part # OC-2000-123  $55.00
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Currently Shipping with
Energizer Batteries

OC-3000-123.jpg (49393 bytes)

Otter 3000 Spare Battery Carrier
Otter 3000 case with foam and 32 CR123A batteries included. 
Aqua-Blue, Blue, Yellow,
Burgundy, or Lime

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Currently Shipping with
Energizer Batteries


Charger for
Li-ion RCR123A Batteries

This charger will charge one or two
RCR-123A batteries.  Li-Ion
AC power only.
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Lithium Ion protected batteries for use in above charger.
$5.00 each 
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Larger Protected Li-Ion Cells (NOT CR123A size)
These are protected in the same fashion as the above battery

Part # LI-17650 (168S size) 3.6V 1500mAh  Add to Cart $10.00

LG/Samsung/Sanyo Button Top
LI-18650 3.7V 2400mAh 
Add to Cart $10.00

Dual pocket charger for above cells and RCR123A
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CR123A Batteries CR123 Batteries CR123A Battery CR123 Battery

LED Flashlights  The most incredible flashlights!!!  No bulb to ever burn out again.



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