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Surefire X200B Weaponlight Surefire X200B light Surefire X200B gun light Surefire X200B flashlight Surefire X200B Weaponlight Surefire X200B light Surefire X200B gun light Surefire X200B flashlight Surefire X200B Weaponlight Surefire X200B light Surefire X200B gun light Surefire X200B flashlight Surefire X200B Weaponlight Surefire X200B light Surefire X200B Surefire X200

Surefire X200 Surefire Lights Surefire X200

X300 LED WeaponLight

  • Max Output: 110 lumens (5 times the light of a two-D-cell flashlight); continues producing tactical-level light for 2.4 hours
  • Versatile beam is perfect for longer- and close-range applications
  • Ambidextrous tactical switching enables fail-safe operation under fire
  • Instantly attaches to most handguns with a Universal rail and handguns/long guns with a Picatinny rail
  • 1.39" high by 1.43" wide by 3.53" long; weighs 3.7 ounces (with batteries)
  • Batteries — two SF123 3-volt lithiums with 10-year shelf life
  • Aerospace-aluminum construction with Mil-Spec, Type III hard-anodized finish
  • O-ring sealed and gasketed; waterproof to 22 meters
  • Accepts optional pressure-activated switches for precision control without altering grip on weapon

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The versatile SureFire X300™ features a solid-state, electronically regulated LED that generates 110 lumens of tactical-level light — enough to overwhelm an aggressor's night-adapted vision. Its specially developed Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens creates a bright, tightly focused central beam with plenty of reach and enough surround beam to accommodate peripheral vision. A hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum body protects the X300's electronics, and O-ring seals and gaskets make the entire unit waterproof to 22 meters. A tempered Pyrex® window protects its LED and, thanks to a thin layer of anti-reflective coating, helps maximize light transmission. The X300 attaches to both Universal and Picatinny rails in moments, via its proprietary Rail-Lock™ system, and comes with adapter plates for both. An ambidextrous toggle/push switch provides convenient, fail-safe operation. Optional SureFire grip switches, which allow precision control without altering one's grip on the weapon, are also available for many handguns.

FREE 10 Pack CR123A with this light.


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