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Shipping Charges and Policies

Orders for ham radio and two way radio batteries are shipped via UPS from our New York office.  Military APO/FPO ect. orders are not considered foreign orders and are no problem.

Orders from our Missouri office for nicads, cellular products, and flashlights are shipped primarily USPS Priority Mail depending on weight.  Heavy orders go UPS.    If shipped via UPS, a tracking number will be emailed to the email address provided by you on the order form.

Gel cells and nicads are shipped from Missouri, California or Florida offices via UPS depending on your location and our stock on hand.  All Haze batteries are shipped from Missouri.

We apologize for this complex shipping arrangement, but in order to best serve the customer with various products, we have to utilize various facility arrangements.   We do this to save everyone time and shipping cost.

Foreign credit card orders can only ship to Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, and New Zealand.  Orders to Canada ship by UPS and USPS depending on the weight.  Low value light weight orders ship global priority mail.  Heavy or higher value orders will ship by UPS.

Wholesale or bulk orders will have to be calculated, so please email us for the rate.  We use a digital scale to keep shipping charges as accurate as we can.  As a general rule, please allow about one week for domestic shipments to arrive.

Value fee covers products against loss or damage while it is in route via the transportation carrier (USPS, UPS) only.  Manufacturers warranties cover the product as per their respective warranty policies.  Errors in orders or omissions need to be brought to our attention within 30 days.  Closeout sales are final.

The amount of $7.95 on the order form is a bottom end shipping estimate which applies to most domestic orders.  This includes insurance for low value orders.  Orders of $80 or more will have minimal insurance added.

Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

LED Flashlights  The most incredible flashlights!!!  No bulb to ever burn out again.


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